For å lage dra-og-dropp-øvelser i Open edX må en bruke et stillbilde med ankitte koordinater for hvor en verdi kan plasseres (“droppes”). En kan f.eks. bruke en rekke firkanter der koordinatene for øvre venstre og nedre høyre hjørne er kjent.


De fem rektanklene over har disse koordinatene for øvre venstre og nedre høyre hjørne:


  1. (0,0),(125,105)
  2. (130,0),(255,105)
  3. (265,0),(385,105)
  4. (395,0),(525,105)
  5. (525,0),(650,105)

Sirkel (sentrert i rektangel):

     '1':      [[65,52], 63],
     '2':      [[195,52], 63],
     '3':      [[330,52], 63],
     '4':      [[525,52], 63],
     '5':      [[570,52], 63]


 Here you find descriptions of important dimensions of good learning environments. They are from a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It was published in 2010. </p>
 <li>Have learning professionals who are highly attuned to the learners’ motivations and the key role of emotions in achievement.</li>
 <li>Be founded on the social nature of learning and actively encourage group work and well-organised co-operative learning.</li>
 <li>Recognize the learners as its core participants, encourage their active engagement, and develop in them an understanding of their own activity as learners (“self-regulation”).</li>
 <li>Deploy assessment strategies consistent with high expectations: There should be strong emphasis on formative feedback to support learning.</li>
 <li>Devise programmes that demand hard work and challenge from all without excessive overload.</li>
 <li> Be acutely sensitive to the individual differences among the learners in it, including their prior knowledge.</li>
 <p>You also find keywords representing some of Seven Principles of good learning environments from 1987. Please combine these terms with the most appropriate descriptions.
 <h3>>Good Pedagogical Principles</h3>
 <p>Drag each word in the scrollbar to the bucket that matches the number of the statements.</p>
 <drag_and_drop_input img="http://edu.hioa.no/edxy/dropp/dropp_5_01.jpg">
 <draggable id="1" label="Student-faculty contact"/>
 <draggable id="2" label="Student cooperation"/>
 <draggable id="3" label="Active learning"/>
 <draggable id="4" label="Prompt feedback"/>
 <draggable id="5" label="Time on task"/>
 <draggable id="5" label="Diversity"/>
 <answer type="loncapa/python">
 correct_answer = {
 '1': [[65,52], 63],
 '2': [[195,52], 63],
 '3': [[330,52], 63],
 '4': [[525,52], 63],
 '5': [[570,52], 63]
 '6': [[570,52], 63]
 if draganddrop.grade(submission[0], correct_answer):
 correct = ['correct']
 correct = ['incorrect']