Creative Commons

Bokskapet bruker Creative Commons AT-NC-SA

I Studio kan forfattere settte Creative-Commons-rettighetene så de er synlige for studentene:

  • When you set up a new course, you specify the license for all course content on the Settings & Details page in Studio. For example, you can select a Creative Commons license, then select the options applicable to your course.
  • Drøfting [html]

  • Licence incompatibilities are a big problem for free culture. Its central idea is to create a pool of freely reusable content that can be mixed, mashed up and otherwise combined easily. Licence incompatibilities, on the other hand, not only increase the legal uncertainties of remixing, they also prohibit many potential uses.
  • The dimension of the licence compliance problem is illustrated by the fact that most of the CC licences are incompatible with each other; resulting in the undesirable effect that content with differing licences cannot be combined.
  • NC material can, for instance, not be mixed in a remix that will be published under a licence that allows for commercial use. Doing so would make the NC work commercially usable since it will form part of the remix. SA material, on the other hand, can only be re-licenced under the same licence. SA works can therefore only be combined with other content that is published under a licence which allows for the re-licencing under any other licence. The combination of CC BY-SA and CC BY content could, for instance, be licenced under CC BY-SA because the BY licence allows that.
  • Despite the increasing efforts to solve the compatibility problem one way or another, it is undeniable that little success has been achieved so far. However, solving the compatibility problem may be regarded as a key condition for the success of the whole system. A “creative commons” in the proper meaning can only serve its own purpose when the content contained can be (re-)used creatively. Incompatible licences are an obstacle to this core objective. Moreover, they contradict the wish to make it legally possible to use the outstanding technical possibilities to remix/mash up works.