To use CloudFront, you might need to store media assets in an EC2.

CloudFront er et CDN (Content Delivery Network) fra Amazon. Det baserer seg på såkalte distributions:


Create a web distribution if you want to:

  • Speed up distribution of static and dynamic content, for example, .html, .css, .php, and graphics files.
  • Distribute media files using HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Add, update, or delete objects, and submit data from web forms.
  • Use live streaming to stream an event in real time.
  • You store your files in an origin – either an Amazon S3 bucket or a web server. After you create the distribution, you can add more origins to the distribution.


Create an RTMP distribution to speed up distribution of your streaming media files using Adobe Flash Media Server’s RTMP protocol. An RTMP distribution allows an end user to begin playing a media file before the file has finished downloading from a CloudFront edge location. Note the following:

  • To create an RTMP distribution, you must store the media files in an Amazon S3 bucket.
  • To use CloudFront live streaming, create a web distribution.