Time Budget

The student time budget for PISA Global looks like this:

  • Twenty hours on the online course delivered by OsloMet (PISA Global)
  • Fifteen hours on two online courses delivered by edX
  • Fifteen hours on multimedia production

The first two parts can be completed in twelve weeks with about three hours per week. Part 3 requires hands-on work with multimedia tools. We are organizing a workshop in June, with professional equipment. But tools can also be very basic. You may create photos, audio and video files with your smart phone.

After PISA Global you will have a rough draft of your own course. Turning the draft into a finished course will take time. We recommend that you start with a brief course.

By brief we mean a course that can be completed by students in 3-6 hours. It is easier to create a course for blended learning than a 100% online course. Turning your draft into a brief blended course might take 50 to 100 working hours.

PISA Global takes twenty hours. We would call this a medium-size course. Developing your draft into a medium sized course for distance students may require several hundred hours. This means hat online courses are very different from physical teaching. The amount of development work per student hour is much higher than when you prepare for classes.

To create online courses is more like writing textbooks than preparing lectures.