Challenges are tasks that involve practical work with course production. In PISA-X each module contains one hands-on challenge.

  • Challenge #1. Open Placeholder course in Studio. Edit the About page. Choose a name for your draft course.
  • Challenge #2. Test the Backup procedure. Add some text to the course. Add some images. Add some problems. Edit course outline.
  • Challenge #3. Complete course outline. Adapt a text for the web. Test HTML Cleaner. Add a discussion. Write course presentation.
  • Challenge #4. Find a web image. Upload it to your repository. Embed it in the course. Include copyright notice.
  • Challenge #5. Add a basic problem. Add a problem with feedback. Add a problem based on a student task
  • Challenge #6. Draft and record an audio comment. Embed it in the course. Develop small slide set. Draft a script about the slides. Publish slide set.
  • Challenge #7. Draft a course presentation script. Record the presentation on video by smartphone or other device. Upload the video to YouTube (optional)

Publishing on the web

Images may conveniently be stored and published using Cloudinary. Videos may be published through YouTube. Slide sets may be published through  SlideShare, Google Docs or YouTube. All these services are free.

Note that some academic institutions have their own dedicated storage and publication facilities for learning objects (images, videos, slide sets).