Challenges are tasks that involve practical, hands-on work with course production. In PISA Global each module contains one challenge. The seven challenges constitute the core (or the spine) of the course:

  • Edit the course presentation in your Placeholder course. Test the backup function.
  • Add content in several different formats to your Placeholder (draft) course.
  • Create all the sections you want to include in your final course. Add sub-sections to some of the sections
  • Find image/s you want to use. Upload the file/s to a repistory like xxx or yyy . Embed the image/s in your course
  • Add questions with hints and feedback to your course
  • Make a short video presentation (1-2 mins) using Office Mix/PowerPoint/Office 365 [TO BE REVISED]. Publish the video on the web and embed it in your course.

If you do not have access to Office 365, you may record a straight video of yourself using your mobile phone or another digital device with a camera (laptop, tablet, webcam, camera).

Createa short slide presentation (1-2 mins) using PowerPoint, Google Slides or another presentation program. Emphasize the visual content. Publish the presentation file on the web and embed it in your course.

Publishing on the web

Videos may be published for free on the web through YouTube or Vimeo. Presentation files may be published for free through SlideShare or Google Docs. Academic institutions may also offer suitable publication facilities.