What do you learn from PISA Global?

Mastering elearning has several components:

  • SKILLS: practical skills, both technical and pedagogical, in course design
  • THEORY: familiarity with some basic concepts, models and ideas
  • CASES: acquaintance with important organisations, persons, trends and events

PISA Global has two main goals.

  • The first is practical. Participants learn how to create their own online courses using the edX platform. They do this by working on a draft of a future course. By the end of PISA Global they will have the skills they need to design courses. They will also have created a draft that can serve as a model of what their future course will look like (“proof of concept”).
  • The second goal is strategical. Participants are asked to study the move towards digital education as a development process involving personal, institutional and social change. The course presents theoretical concepts, cases and discussions that help participants understand and take active part in these processes.