PISA Global 2018

PISA Global is aimed at teaching and technical staff in higher education who plan to develop online courses for their students.

The full program is itself built on a set of self-contained online courses that are available for free  on the Internet. In addition there is an overarching and integrative course, also free of charge, from Oslo Metropolitan University. The program comprises a three-day workshop in Oslo (June 15th-17th 2018).

The program has three components A, B and C:

Part A. PISA Global (20 hours) from Oslo Metropolitan  University

Free online course offered by Oslo Metropolitan University. You can enroll in the online course  from mid-March 2018. Learn more about this here:

In this program we use the Open edX platform. See short introduction. All edX courses, including PISA Global, are organized by the four hierarchical levels Sections, Subsections, Units and Elements:

  • Sections. These are also called modules in PISA Global. Each PISA module is expected to require about three hours of work.
  • Subsections. Each subsection may be seen as a learning sequence.
  • Units. Each subsection consists of one or more units. Each unit is a distinct web page. Content is stored at the unit level. All pages in a subsection are visible as tabs.
  • Components. Each unit consists of one or more components on the page. A component may contain textual content, a video etc.

Part A contains these seven sections or modules

    1. Introduction. Access to the Studio editor
    2. Content production
    3. Presentation: Add text
    4. Presentation: Add images
    5. Interaction: Add problems
    6. Multimedia: Add sound and video
    7. Elearning strategies: Add course video

Part B The xSeries Program (15 hours) from edX.org.

The xSeries Program consists of several courses.You must register as a user at http://edx.org. We recommend the edX manual [HTML] and these online courses.

  • DemoX Explore the edX Learning Experience. (Formally outside the xSeries Program. Use10 minutes or more..)
  • BlendedX: Blended Learning with edX (3-4 hours)
  • edX101: Overview of Creating an edX Course (1-2 hours)
  • StudioX: Creating a Course with edX Studio (first half 8-15, includes exercises)

Part C. PISA Workshop (15 hours) Parts A and B are required.

This is an intensive three day training event at Oslo Metropolitan University June 15-17, 2018.

There is no course fee for this workshop, but we regret to inform you that there is currently no grants or financial support available to potential participants.

Participants who are unable to join the workshop may replace that by self-directed practice or by local training in media production at their institutions.

The online courses created by edX can be taken at any time. For a quick introduction to edX, and to online learning in general, we suggest you start with the one hour course DemoX (1 hour) and continue with edX101.

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