Sino-Norwegian Workshop Oct 11 2017 – Titles

Titles for the Sino-Norwegian Workshop on Elearning with Health Sciences as Case Study
at Hainan Normal University October 11th 2017

Document-centric Development Models

  • Helge Høivik: MOOCs/eBooks and the PICA Model – New Approaches for Improving Higher Education

Improving Students’ Contributions

  • Anne-Martha Utne Øygarden: How Digitalization Can Contribute to more Active and Independent Learners.
  • Mona Gammelli: Using Pedagogically Organized Interactions (POS) to Enhance Collaborative Learning between Students in Nursing and Computer Science.

Improving Teachers’ Contributions

  • Judith Schröder: Teachers’ Ability to Use Digital Technology
  • Sylvia Hansen: A Different Style  – On-line Presentations to Teach Human Sciences
  • Gabi Høium Hurlen: A New Rhetoric for Online Lectures –  The Instructors Perspective