Ny inngangsportal til Bokskapet?

Open edX har en standardisert inngangsportal til de digutale kurs og læreverk som publiseres i systemet. Det kan være nyttig å ha en mer fleksibel landing page. Denne artikkelen forklarer nærmere:


First of all, there are certain features to look for when integrating open edX with an external website or a marketing site:

  • Seamless branding: Most likely the integration you are looking for requires that the website and the open edX platform share a significant ammount of styles and “look and feel” so that the users get an integrated experience across both platforms.
  • Session awareness: This is the capacity of the external website to identify if the user is already logged into open edx or not, so that it can present any login options, or user options or contents accordingly.
  • Enrollment awareness: This is the capacity of the external website to figure out if a certain course is available for enrollments, or if the logged user is or is not enroll in such course, so that it can display the right call to actions for a particular course.
  • Visibility of the course catalogue: This is the capacity of the external website to access information about the list of courses that are available to the users.

As a contribution to the open edX global community, eduNEXT has developed a wordpress plugin called “WP open edX integrator“. With this free component, you can easily obtain both session awareness and enrollment awareness in your wordpress site. Visit https://wordpress.org/plugins/edunext-openedx-integrator/  or look it up in the wordpress plugin directory.


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