Kurskrav, Canvas Network

Her er prosedyren for å publisere kurs i Canvas Network. Den bør forstås som at Instructure er utgiver. En bør her være oppmerksom på hvilket rettighetsregime som gjelder og hvordan man kuraterer kursene.

The rumor is true—Canvas Network is free. Instructure created Canvas Network with the intention of promoting openness, innovation, and experimentation in education and to give back to the academic community.

Ivy league universities don’t have a monopoly on qualified, passionate, and talented instructors. If your institution fits any of the parameters below, then you too may teach an open online course:

  • Two-year and four-year colleges and universities
  • K-12 schools and districts
  • Academic partnerships and consortia
  • Nonprofit organizations with an education or public service mission
  • Government agencies with an education mission
  • For-profit companies will be considered if courses are offered in collaboration with an educational institution or organization as described above


  1. Institutional Partner. Check to see if your institution is already a partner on our Institutions page. Don’t see your institution listed? No worries. Just print off our one-page Canvas Network Agreement and have it signed by a department dean or director and email it to [email protected] The Agreement must be signed before your course can be listed on Canvas.net.
  2. Course Screening. Submit your course idea using the “Interested in Creating a Course” form on the right and one of our team members will contact you to discuss your course and your goals.
  3. Course Proposal. After screening your proposed course, our Client Relationship Manager will provide a form to submit your official Canvas Network Course Proposal.
  4. Onboarding. Within 48 business hours after receiving your official Course Proposal, we’ll contact you to set up an onboarding call. During this call, you and your Canvas Network Instructional Design Consultant will discuss your course, your goals, our quality review process, and your target deadlines schedule.
  5. Begin Building. Following your onboarding call, your Canvas Network Instructional Design Consultant will provide a course shell for you to begin building..

COURSE DEVELOPMENT TIMELINE: We recommend selecting a course start date three to six months from the time you submit your course proposal.

For å bruke Canvas Network må en etablere en separat identitet:

Why doesn’t Canvas Network recognize my other Canvas user account login?

Canvas Network is a unique, or separate, instance of Canvas. Your credentials from another Canvas account aren’t connected to the Canvas Network instance. (It’s like having two Toyota Corollas in the driveway that look the same but require a different key.) When registering, select the “register as new user” option to set up your Canvas Network account. It’s OK to use the same email as your other account