Livslang læring

I et åpent brev i McKinsey Report skriver Amy Edmondson (Harvard) og Bror Saxberg (Zuckerberg Initiative)

In that kind of world, the future of learning is not in the classroom. It’s in the field—finding ways to do better while doing the work. This won’t happen by chance. You need to model learning behaviors and invest in the development of learning processes and tools. You need to take an appropriately humble stand about the challenges ahead—for you as a leader and for your organization. There is simply no room for arrogance in a highly dynamic and uncertain world. You also need to create a psychologically safe environment in which people feel comfortable taking the risks that come with experimentation and practice; giving and receiving candid feedback; asking questions; and acknowledging failures. Learning must be built into every aspect of the organization. Edmondson og Saxberg: Putting lifelong learning on the CEO agenda, McKinsey Report, September 2017

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