Pedagogiske utfordringer

Noen dimensjoner i ny pedagogikk fra Education Week

  • Honor agency: Educators who have a mindset that honors agency avoid delivering content and products and instead encourage creation and deep engagement, for their students and themselves.
  • Hold the whole: Educators who have a mindset that “holds the whole” recognize that human development is interconnected; learning is personal, social and interdisciplinary; and assessment is a dialogue.
  • Invite the community: Educators who have a mindset that invites the community value the insights of students, parents, teachers, and partners about the kind of community they want and the local resources available to help students build it.
  • Embrace change: Educators who have a mindset that embraces change focus on continuously adjusting and improving their students’ learning experience to life’s changing realities.
  • Risk vulnerability: Educators who have a mindset that risks vulnerability are open to the stumbles, hiccups and the joys of their own learning and the learning of students.

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