New MOOC in Fixed Dental Prosthodontics.

This course will give you a theoretical understanding of functional and aesthetic dentistry. We will take you through the basics of fixed prosthodontics.


Adriane Andersen Mouigios

  • working models
  • planning procedure
  • overall properties
  • full ceramics
  • Metal ceramics (MC/PFM)

The course will help you develop theoretical skills for precise technical application of fixed prosthodontics.

The course is open and free for everyone with an interest in dentistry. You might find the content more familiar if you have finished second or third year studies in dental technology/dental science/dental hygienist/assistant.


  • Editor-in-Chief Adriane Andersen Mougios
    Assistant Professor at Oslo Metropolitan University. Dental technologist specialized in fixed prosthodontics. Executive Master of Management from Norwegian Business School
  • Multimedia editor  Gabi Hurlen
    Masters degree in Media Studies from The University of Oslo. E-learning advisor and media producer at Oslo Metropolitan University. Working with current and forthcoming projects at
  • Editor Trude Myhrer
    Assistant Professor at Oslo Metropolitan University, and Head of Studies for Dental Technology. Master degree in Vocational Teacher education.
  • Editor Jane Evans
    Associate Professor and Deputy Head of School (L and T) at School of Dentistry and Oral Health, Griffith University, Gold Coast Australia.

Other contributors

  • Radek Radoslaw Binieda
    Bachelor degree in dental technology, specialized in fixed prosthodontics. Supervisor at School of Dentistry and Oral health, Griffith University Gold Coast Australia. Senior technician in Apex dental lab.
  • Andrew Cameron
    Dental Prosthetist, Academic staff and lecturer at School of Dentistry and Oral health, Griffith University Gold Coast Australia

This video from the course was created collaboratively by visiting Australian students, Adriane Andersen Mouigos and media specialist Gabi Høium Hurlen, Oslo Metropolitan University March 2018.

For inqueries please contact Adriane Andersen Mougios (email:

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